Ntense Fitness and Boxing by Damion Caldwell is South Carolina’s quality training headquarters, located at 7733 Ballantyne Commons Parkway in Charlotte. We provide everything, including the tools, knowledge and resources need for you to succeed. We are a no nonsense group of people who put in hard work to achieve the things we want out of life.

Charlotte Fitness and Boxing

DC has helped me grow in so many ways. My strength and endurance is better than it’s ever been. I enjoy the variety of the workouts and the results have been awesome. And he’s a remarkable, inspiring and thoughtful human being.” – Darcy

“Absolutely AMAZING trainer! Damion is passionate about his work outs. He knows how to get results and how to push your body to the limit. Damion ROCKS!” – Bonita


Ntense Fitness is well known for its commitment to its clientele.  We never stop striving to provide the ultimate value to our fans when it comes to knowledge, experience and bold results designed around taking advantage of the person you want to be, right now! Your future is designed by you, we provide the facility and inspiration required to do that.