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Every Thought We Think is Creating Our Day

“Watch your thoughts. Your thinking creates the ups and downs in your life.” – Damion Caldwell

Thoughts Create our Day

Thoughts Create our Day

When we think negative thoughts and ideas we embrace their presence in our lives. We all have struggles, many of us have very similar struggles. We should make an effort to react wisely in each situation and work towards creating a solution to our struggles. Some struggles are short-lived and minor while some struggles will require planning and execution over time to overcome. In any case, the more we focus and dwell on our struggle the less time we are spending on overcoming the struggle. Focus on gathering the resources and knowledge and people around you that you need in order to overcome your struggles. If you can align your resources effectively, you can easily overcome any struggles instead of lacking the resources you need at any given point in time.

“Your Inner Conversation begins your outward Expression.” – Damion

Getting Strong Starts in Your Head

Getting Strong Starts in Your Head

“Watch your thinking and choose wisely today. No matter what the problem is, our experiences are just outer effects of inner thoughts. Even self-hatred is only hating a thought you have about yourself. You have a thought that says, “I’m a bad person.” This thought produces a feeling, and you buy into the feeling. However, if you don’t have the thought, you won’t have the feeling. And thoughts can be changed. Change the thought, and the feeling must go.” – Damion Caldwell

Joy and happiness are based on how we choose to view the world. If we view and react negatively then this is our reality and we have accepted it, but if we have to wisdom to look ahead of our situation and the resources on hand to overcome them then we can have faith that we will improve and progess instead of living in fear of regression and dwelling on obstacles.

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An Ntense Week for Personal and Physical Development

Monday Madness was Ntense as usual! We started out the week with lunges outside with Melissa. This is a great excersize to strenghten your core and legs. Hold a desired weight over your head and lunge forward in full control, counting reps or until exaustion. Make sure to maintain good posture!

Damion pushed all of us to greater strengths by encouraging us with motivation. Jump Rope Jane crushed it on the Push Up to Step Up to Pull Up excersize. This one is particularly challenging since you get no break from the ground all the way up to the pull up, the arms and shoulders get both pulling and pushing muscles challenged. The constant motion takes your breath away making each repititon more difficult.

Pull Up

Pull Up

Push Up

Push Up


Remember, not only do we need to consume a lot of energy in order to maintain ourselves, we need to consume the right kind of energy. Damion reminded us this week that we should stay away from foods that don’t have much nutritional value and stick to consuming high quality foods that provide the caliber of energy our bodies need as we grow. Stay away from fast food and boxed meals, stick to fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, simple grains and carbohydrates and a great tip is to actually measure your food intake for a week and see where you might be able to improve. Resist your temptations to please your taste buds while doing harm to your body. Laughter and movement go together. Any thought that gives you peace is a positive thought. The more you fill your mind with positive thoughts, the better your state of mind will be. And that naturally results in better physical health.

On Wednesday, Kristin showed us how to bust out some serious body weight squats. This excersize is a great way to get started burning extra fat from the legs and core. Stand up and sit down in repetition making sure your body form and posture is proper. Always keep your back straight, meaning your hips under your torso. Repeat this excersize until you feel Ntense Burn so you get the results you want. No matter where you are at in your daily life remember, life is to be celebrated, never fought but we fight for the things we want out of life.

Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life

On Wednesday Darcy Showed us the Ultimate Hammer Row seated on the machine. This excersize is great for your arms and back muscles as well as your shoulders. Again, focus on good technique, makings sure you maintain good posture with your back, being carefull not to twist your back at all. Let your arms do the work and focus on crunching your muscles at the top of the repetition. Darcy also busted out some punch outs on the pulley machine with some Ntensity.

Seated Rows

Seated Rows

We ended the week out with a couple new excersizes demonstrated below like the Medicine Ball Plank Touch. This is a challenging excersize focusing on building your core muscles and balance skills – which comes from our core strength and familiarity with our body. Be sure to follow us on social media and check back to the blog regularly!

Medicine Ball Plank Touch

Medicine Ball Plank Touch

Medicine Ball Plank Touch

Medicine Ball Plank Touch

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You can’t get better if you’re unwilling to try

his week we started off making sure we get plenty of healthy input for our body and plenty of healthy output for our body as well. Remember to keep moving and stretching, keep growing! Check out a few of the NTENSE exercises we smashed out!

Make sure to keep your back straight, squat down and touch the dumbbell to the floor then explode up into a standing position maintaining complete control over your body with clean firm movements.

Remember to keep breathing appropriately and for extra intensity and gains always flex your muscles at the end of the repetition, keeping complete control over your body and mind connection.

I wanted to feature one more down and dirty workout that screams NTENSE! This exercise will develop a strong core and have you exhausted but feeling great!

Start in a crouched position then extend your body out while staying on your hands and toes. Balance on your feet and use your upper body to complete a 360 degree horizontal spin. Maintain control over your body.

Damion reminded us, “You can’t get better if you’re unwilling to try.” Everything we do requires faith so we must try and practice in order to fulfill our faith and remain true to ourselves and our personal desires to become the person we want to be.

We had a great week this week and hope you have an NTENSE week as we always do!

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Choose your words and tone with awareness

We started the week of March 13 with a reminder that we should choose our words and tone with conscious awareness. We cannot achieve compassion and kindness when we use vain words because we lack awareness. We must be wise in the way we use our speech.

Monday madness got off to a kick ass start as you would come to expect nothing less out of the Ntense way. We waste no time in making progress. Every second and every breath is a message of life. When we speak, we do so with not just our words, but with our tone and mood, our face and eyes and even our silence. We communicate with our body language and in silent ways. We all know that when someone says something, we hear one thing and trust our intuition.

Tuesday we were reminded that we are responsible for change within our self. We cannot seek to blame the weather for our failures. We know these things exist and that we must overcome them.

Wicked Wednesday we crushed with walking lunges and other core exercises. We ended out the week with some serious results made by serious drive. We love ourselves and we take responsibility for ourselves and our actions and words. This is why we train our mind and body. This is the NTENSE WAY!

We have big things in plan for our brand as we continue to grow and provide healthy value to our community. We are getting many good reviews thanks to Damion and his intensity that he inspires us with every day!


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Focus on your relationship with yourself!

This week at Ntensefit Fit was hardcore as usual! We started monday off with Monday madness which was a sweaty masterpiece of a workout session.

No Monday is complete without massive success created by massive action. Strong work ethic and commitment every Monday will guide you to success. We destroyed the morning through the afternoon with all kinds of core training and endurance and balance exercises.

All the ladies and gentlemen were working beautifully on Tuesday as we were all extremely motivated to accomplish what we came to do that day for ourselves!

“The only thing that matters in life is your opinion about yourself.” – DC

Once you understand this simple idea you will be able to achieve many things because you can actually control what you think about yourself, in a world where our control is very limited we still, amazingly, have the power within ourselves to discover our true value in this world full of unpredictability.

On Tuesday we had an awesome day with some lower body exercises that also work the core, and Damion showed everyone an awesome squat and above head dumbbell press that is a great fat burning and strength building full body exercise.

We focused on leading people to understanding that their first relationship to focus on is with themselves! We should be focusing on our relationships in order to strengthen them and strengthen our well being. We should be practicing love and patience while understanding that we are actually the only ones that control whether we are happy, we must know that the relationship with ourself is the most important one.

How do you treat yourself? Do you value your life and health like the most precious thing you’ve ever owned or so you slide through casually letting the drift of life push you along from here to there without proper reasoning.

As you move forward with this idea, consider that our point is to create relationships based on trust. Love becomes defined by respect, concern, kind intentions, accountability and a desire for mutual growth.

We ended the week with tons more body training and treadmill training for fitness fridays. Finally we worked in some 21’s to close out the week and learned that you don’t get better with just age. You get better with attention to detail and practice.

Have an NTENSE week!


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Best Fitness and Boxing Studio in Charlotte

Ntense Fitness and Boxing by Damion Caldwell is South Carolina’s quality training headquarters, located at 7733 Ballantyne Commons Parkway in Charlotte. We provide everything, including the tools, knowledge and resources need for you to succeed. We are a no nonsense group of people who put in hard work to achieve the things we want out of life.

Charlotte Fitness and Boxing

DC has helped me grow in so many ways. My strength and endurance is better than it’s ever been. I enjoy the variety of the workouts and the results have been awesome. And he’s a remarkable, inspiring and thoughtful human being.” – Darcy

“Absolutely AMAZING trainer! Damion is passionate about his work outs. He knows how to get results and how to push your body to the limit. Damion ROCKS!” – Bonita


Ntense Fitness is well known for its commitment to its clientele.  We never stop striving to provide the ultimate value to our fans when it comes to knowledge, experience and bold results designed around taking advantage of the person you want to be, right now! Your future is designed by you, we provide the facility and inspiration required to do that.


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