We started the week of March 13 with a reminder that we should choose our words and tone with conscious awareness. We cannot achieve compassion and kindness when we use vain words because we lack awareness. We must be wise in the way we use our speech.

Monday madness got off to a kick ass start as you would come to expect nothing less out of the Ntense way. We waste no time in making progress. Every second and every breath is a message of life. When we speak, we do so with not just our words, but with our tone and mood, our face and eyes and even our silence. We communicate with our body language and in silent ways. We all know that when someone says something, we hear one thing and trust our intuition.

Tuesday we were reminded that we are responsible for change within our self. We cannot seek to blame the weather for our failures. We know these things exist and that we must overcome them.

Wicked Wednesday we crushed with walking lunges and other core exercises. We ended out the week with some serious results made by serious drive. We love ourselves and we take responsibility for ourselves and our actions and words. This is why we train our mind and body. This is the NTENSE WAY!

We have big things in plan for our brand as we continue to grow and provide healthy value to our community. We are getting many good reviews thanks to Damion and his intensity that he inspires us with every day!