This week at Ntensefit Fit was hardcore as usual! We started monday off with Monday madness which was a sweaty masterpiece of a workout session.

No Monday is complete without massive success created by massive action. Strong work ethic and commitment every Monday will guide you to success. We destroyed the morning through the afternoon with all kinds of core training and endurance and balance exercises.

All the ladies and gentlemen were working beautifully on Tuesday as we were all extremely motivated to accomplish what we came to do that day for ourselves!

“The only thing that matters in life is your opinion about yourself.” – DC

Once you understand this simple idea you will be able to achieve many things because you can actually control what you think about yourself, in a world where our control is very limited we still, amazingly, have the power within ourselves to discover our true value in this world full of unpredictability.

On Tuesday we had an awesome day with some lower body exercises that also work the core, and Damion showed everyone an awesome squat and above head dumbbell press that is a great fat burning and strength building full body exercise.

We focused on leading people to understanding that their first relationship to focus on is with themselves! We should be focusing on our relationships in order to strengthen them and strengthen our well being. We should be practicing love and patience while understanding that we are actually the only ones that control whether we are happy, we must know that the relationship with ourself is the most important one.

How do you treat yourself? Do you value your life and health like the most precious thing you’ve ever owned or so you slide through casually letting the drift of life push you along from here to there without proper reasoning.

As you move forward with this idea, consider that our point is to create relationships based on trust. Love becomes defined by respect, concern, kind intentions, accountability and a desire for mutual growth.

We ended the week with tons more body training and treadmill training for fitness fridays. Finally we worked in some 21’s to close out the week and learned that you don’t get better with just age. You get better with attention to detail and practice.

Have an NTENSE week!