his week we started off making sure we get plenty of healthy input for our body and plenty of healthy output for our body as well. Remember to keep moving and stretching, keep growing! Check out a few of the NTENSE exercises we smashed out!

Make sure to keep your back straight, squat down and touch the dumbbell to the floor then explode up into a standing position maintaining complete control over your body with clean firm movements.

Remember to keep breathing appropriately and for extra intensity and gains always flex your muscles at the end of the repetition, keeping complete control over your body and mind connection.

I wanted to feature one more down and dirty workout that screams NTENSE! This exercise will develop a strong core and have you exhausted but feeling great!

Start in a crouched position then extend your body out while staying on your hands and toes. Balance on your feet and use your upper body to complete a 360 degree horizontal spin. Maintain control over your body.

Damion reminded us, “You can’t get better if you’re unwilling to try.” Everything we do requires faith so we must try and practice in order to fulfill our faith and remain true to ourselves and our personal desires to become the person we want to be.

We had a great week this week and hope you have an NTENSE week as we always do!